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The Project Objectives

1. Increase awareness and utilization of sustainable multiple-use water and sanitation services

2. Live demonstrations of sustainable multiple-use water and sanitation services in WARIDI

operated LGAs.


Exp designed and is implementing the Campaign with Social Accountability in a bid to address:

Enabled environment, Build Demand and Increase Access for water, sanitation and Hygiene in few selected

livelihood products. It involves three main activities which are: womens' forums, entrepreneurship forums

and road show events.


Enabled environment: During pre-production, Exp sought consent from the Regional administrative

secretaries (RAS). With the permit from RAS in hand, the team organised the meetings with the responsible

Local Government leaders to ensure their support and endorsement for the campaign activities. After

alignment with local government and other leaders, venue logistics were organised.


The sales team recruited local distributors by identifying local WASH microenterprises. This was achieved

by reaching entrepreneurs in each ward through door to door visits to their shops. The sales team held

entrepreneurship sessions for these shop owners in order to communicate product introductions,

opportunities and benefits for distributors.

Demand Creation

Public Address: Branded vehicle with sound and presenter drove across the ward inviting people to the

activation event and demonstration.

Women Forums: Seminars conducted to existing women's groups to sensitize them to utilize the WASH

opportunities. The forums are moderated by two facilitators.

Entrepreneurship Forum: These were seminars conducted with the small groups of local micro-enterprises.

The message convened was intended to sensitise them to utilise the opportunities from the Campaign.

Community Mobilisation Events: Community events used to amplify the campaign, create awareness

and also include one to one product demonstrations with the target audience.


  • Only a few manufacturing partners managed to issue product communication materials, such as fliers, to the audience at Exp events.

  • A Feedback meeting with all partners was conducted and a solution was found. Exp trained Brand ambassadors on all the manufacturing partner's products, which primarily resolved this challenge as they engaged the audiences directly.

The Results

The Implementation achieved four milestones in total. Exp completed Milestone Two with the

following results:

  • Exp built awareness of WASH and livelihoods products reaching a total of 18,600 people through community activations, women's forums, and entrepreneurship forums.

  • Exp held live demonstrations of multiple-use water and sanitation services, reaching a total of 3,770 people attended product demonstrations.

  • To create sustainability of multiple-use water and sanitation services Exp recruited 152 local Microenterprises that are now stocking the projects manufacturing partner's WASH and livelihood products for the retail community members to buy from.

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