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The brief was to develop an engaging and interactive Brand Social Investment programme that encouraged school kids to cultivate the good habits of washing hands with soap and water, brushing their teeth twice daily, and eating nutritious meals.


This was to be championed by Unilever’s flagship brands Pepsodent, Blue Band and Lifebuoy soap, executing Unilever's Social mission program in schools by making it more sustainable and reaching a wider scope by moving it away from the previously tried individual brand model, to an integrated plan where all brands will be activated off one platform. 

The Campaign Objectives:

  1. Cause a behavioral change in target school children, getting them to adopt new desired habits (brushing twice daily, washing hands with soap and water before meals and after using washrooms, spreading their bread with Blue Band margarine). (KPI : 50% message recall)

  2. Increase awareness, in-home penetration and most importantly household consumption of the three brands.

  3. Sample all kids reached with products from the 3 brands; to increase brand usage

  4. Increase affinity for the three brands

The Strategy:

We created a virtual radio station, managed by a lead presenter with pre-recorded segments that were played to resemble the radio station. A child-friendly jingle was also produced and was easily memorized by the children, touching on the desired habits and the desired results to be derived from adopting these habits.


During the Live engagement, school kids were given the ON AIR feel where the lead presenter (known as DJ Grow) assumed the role of a radio presenter delivering a 'live' Radio show that delivered the following messaging: Brush twice daily, Wash hands with soap and water before meals, and Spread bread with Blue Band Margarine - to enable me GROW well.

The Results:

  • Just over 1 millions kids were reached (Ghana)

  • 65% Conversion rate was measured by an independent research house (Ghana)

Watch the Nigeria summary video below:

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