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Intervention need - World Bank/IFC wanted to move rural and peri-urban communities in Kenya away from using

fossil fuel lighting (Kerosene) to clean, renewable energy solutions with a specific focus on quality assured solar

lighting solutions.


1. To create awareness and increase knowledge about modern off-grid lighting.

2. To communicate the benefits of modern off-grid lighting viz-a-vis the lighting devices that they currently have.

3. To illustrate the world of possibilities that would arise from adopting modern off-grid lighting.



Relying on Exp's proprietary Behaviour Change strategic tool, Sixth Sense Intervention, Exp Social

Marketing established that high on the priority list of the target audience's mind was longer lighting hours to enable

them to do more after dusk - at both a family level and in business - with the aim moving up the socio-economic

ladder. This insight triggered a powerful strategy and messaging with a call to action to 'Progress with Solar' and a

Swahili slogan that translates into 'get ahead with solar' - Songa Mbele Na Solar - being the selected campaign call

to action.


Aspiration and incremental benefits of switching from kerosene to solar lighting were the key messaging

pillars to drive sustainable behaviour change among the target communities. Exp Social Marketing made all

engagements relevant to the realities of the target audience's life, focusing on the cost of kerosene vs the cost of

solar lighting, health benefits of solar lighting, quality of light and reliability of solar lighting. Exp Social Marketing

employed an integrated approach featuring mass awareness together with mid-mass and interpersonal

communication to raise general awareness, address communal and individual barriers to adoption of solar lighting

respectively. This strategy was delivered through market day edutainment activities, niche group forums, corporate

bulk buying activities, exhibitions and mobile and radio amplification.

The Results:

Exp Social Marketing directly reached more than 260,000 adults with the 'Songa Mbele na Solar'

message, recording 90% increase in knowledge among participants during the pilot phase (2008 and 2013).

The on-going Phase Two of this project which kicked off in 2015, has directly engaged 90,000 adults through

mid-mass activities, and 25,000 men and women through 1200 niche groups discussions. According to one

of the articles that highlighted the latest Global Lighting Market Trends report, an estimated 35 million people

in Africa had gained access to basic energy services since Lighting Africa's first pilot in 2008 in Kenya.

Exp Social Marketing Kenya has just completed Phase Two of this program in Kenya.

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