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Theory of Change Model

Our Theory of Change model comprises of 4 key parts and it is a dynamic and not linear or sequential model.


The central section is a typical change process. However at Exp Social Marketing, we believe there are three key focus pillars that need to be addressed to achieve the desired sustainable change.

  1. Enabled Environment

    • A need to change the environment/community/society norms that are barriers to change before we can get individuals to change their behaviour.

    • We also need to get the community to ‘champion’ the behaviour, which will lead to ownership and sustainability.

  2. Access

    • Access is both psychological and physical.

    • By enabling the environment we will address psychological barriers.

    • We also need to address physical access, even behaviours such as breast feeding have physical barriers i.e. the vicinity of the Baby to the Mother at feeding time.

  3. Demand Creation

    • All successful behaviour change programs should lead to increased demand for the behaviour.

    • Exp Social Marketing, through its communication, moves the target through the change process to a point of action and ultimately maintenance, having resolved both the environmental and access needs prior to creating demand. 

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