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Exp Social Marketing implemented a 18 month study to increase uptake of a nutritional supplement using a commercial approach.

The Campaign Objectives:

Reduce the prevalence of under nutrition (stunting and wasting) of children 6 to 24 months through market-based delivery of a low-cost complementary food supplement in 3 districts in Eastern Ghana. 

The Strategy:

The design phase was 3 months and included: formative assessment conducted by Exp and baseline research by GAIN to inform the development of a Strategic Plan and communication campaign design. The implementation phase was 12 months with Exp doing both product distribution and demand creation. GAIN the evaluation partner conducted the end-line evaluation after 11 months of implementation. 

The Results:

The GAIN findings were:

  • Demographic’s:

    • Total Population             505,633

    • Children under 2 years    33,649


  • 90% of population were familiar with Koko Plus (supplement) by name.

  • 53% Have given Koko Plus to their children at least once.

  • 10% consistently use Koko Plus or have Koko Plus in their home.

USAID Nutrition Project
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